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How To Write a Dissertation Abstract Like an Expert?

An abstract is basically written work of a dissertation or a research paper in short form like a summary. An abstract could be written as follows:

  • The objectives, purpose and topic of research paper or dissertation are written as a statement.
  • The methodology is described in brief.
  • Some arguments or findings which are significant in the research paper or dissertation are highlighted as an overview.
  • The recommendations and conclusions of the research are summarised in the abstract.

Even though abstract appears at the beginning of a document, but it should be written in the last after writing the completed dissertation. While writing an abstract for a dissertation it should be considered that the abstract is written on a separate page. The abstract could be of thesis or dissertation which should be written soon after the title page and acknowledgements but before the table of contents.

When Do You Need to Write a Dissertation Abstract?

The abstract is supposed to be written within a given strict word limit and the length depends on the need of the required assignments. Mostly the abstract writing ranges from 150 to 300 words. You could get the opportunity of writing an abstract for dissertation examples from students or candidate who are pursuing a course in college for their graduate and undergraduate programs.

As a standard practice, you are supposed to write abstract while submitting an article to an academic journal. It is mandatory to include an abstract when you are inscribing research paper, thesis and dissertation. Dissertation abstract help in the UK emphasises the relevance of abstract for getting the concept used in the dissertation or research paper in a brief and concise way.

Irrespective of the form of paper written, you should write an abstract at the last as a standard procedure of writing an abstract for a dissertation. You should consider the rule of abstract writing that an abstract needs to be independent completely, should have autonomous text, and should not be an excerpt that is copied from the dissertation or paper you have written. The aims that are mainly focused during research and the final outcomes from the research you have conducted should be considered while writing a dissertation abstract example. This forms the main purpose while writing an abstract. An abstract should be effusively explicable on its own by somebody who hasn't read your full paper or associated sources.

What is the Correct Format of Writing a Dissertation?

The easiest methodology to writing an abstract is to emulate the structure of the larger work"”reflect of it as a small form of your research paper or dissertation. This means that in most cases, an abstract should contain important elements while writing an abstract for a dissertation examples or regular assignment given by student's teacher such as follows:

Aims and topic

The research should be defined clearly by focusing on the purpose. This could be formulated in more than one ways depending upon the research type you are considering. The different ways could as following:

  • Research problem: what does the research do to solve the theoretical or practical problem?
  • Objective: what exactly the research intends to do?
  • Research question(s): what you intend to explore or find out?
  • Thesis statement: what do you contend?

You could comprise some transitory context on the academic or social applicability of your topic; however, you do not necessarily need to explain the entire background information. You have to be aware of the fact that while writing the abstract, your grammar used should be either present tense or past simple tense and should never be referred to the future tense because you have already completed the research.


When the core aims of your dissertation and paper have been established, you should specify the methods that you have employed to accomplish them. You should give a direct description within a couple of sentences regarding what you did in the research or dissertation. The grammar used while writing these sentences should be passed simple tense due to the fact that actions are already completed. Here, the procedure or approach used entirely should be briefed to give a reader a swift insight into the methods applied. You do not have to elaborate on the weaknesses or strengths of the methods used. The obstacles or validity should not be evaluated at this point in abstract writing.


You should summarise the main results of the research as the next part. You could use grammar in the present tense form or past simple tense form while writing this part of the abstract.

You should also understand an important fact that you could not include all findings or result in this section of the abstract irrespective of how complex or long your research has been. You just have to highlight what is most relevant and significant findings of the research or dissertation that will enable the reader to recognise your conclusions.


At the end of the abstract, you have to conclude your findings of the research within the section of conclusion. This would focus on the question: what is your solution to the issue or query in the research or dissertation? Your conclusion should be simple enough to contain the core point of the research that you intend to argue or prove and the reader ought to finish with clear understanding. In case, your research has some significant limitations such as methods or sample size, then you could briefly mention in the abstract. Thus, a reader could assess accurately the generalisability and credibility of your research.

In case you intended to solve an issue that you practically encountered, the conclusions could contain recommendations for enactment. You could also give some suggestions that would be helpful for future research according to the relevance of the subject matter.

These Tips from Our Dissertation Abstract Writing Expert Will Help You in Preparing Accurate Abstracts

Experts who provide dissertation abstract help in the UK understand that you could face a real challenge while condensing the entire dissertation into a couple of words, but the first thing to consider is abstract. An abstract is generally what people read so you should understand the significance of correct projections while writing an abstract for a dissertation when you are asked to provide assignment help to students. You should follow some basic strategies to begin.

  • Reversing of the outline.
  • Refer other abstracts and read them thoroughly while writing a dissertation abstract examples
  • The concise and clear way of writing for creating impact
  • You should focus on your research primarily. Even if you are writing an abstract for a dissertation examples for others.
  • Be focused to check the formatting of your abstract work while giving dissertation help.

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