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What Is UNIX Programming?

UNIX is a family of OS created in the year 1990 by Ken Thompson and Denis Ritchie. It is the first portable OS developed a comprehensive C programming.

Benefits of UNIX

Here are some of the advantages of UNIX programming course:

  • The UNIX systems are safe and secure as compare to other OS
  • UNIX are an open system. This directs that a user can readily access code, modify it and redistribute
  • The UNIX operating system is portable across different platforms
  • This programming is mainly created for programmers; UNIX OS is one of the best for programmers.

Features of UNIX Programming

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UNIX is written in a high-level programming language. It is portable crosswise various computing platforms. OS was created for the programmers to build machine-dependent software. But, UNIX alone becomes more portable, and now innumerable UNIX users are not programmers.

Multi-user Operation

Unix is created to be a multi-user system where various users can share identical computer resources simultaneously. Additionally, these OS are created to support several processors and handle multitasking.

Hierarchical File System

The UNIX OS stores the data in a hierarchical way that is way more flexible and represents a simple way of data storage. These types of systems are incredibly efficient as compared to other file systems.

Unix Shell

The shell works together with the kernel to bridge the gap among architecture and user of the software. With shell, users can type the command which might be executed by PC. Additionally, it provides a means of scripting where users can make short scripts having commands that are executed hierarchically, which script is run.

What Are The Different Difficulties Scholars Face In Writing  UNIX Programming Course Assignment

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