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Case studies are common assignments in MBA, law, nursing, etc. Students often struggle with case studies. Case studies are an important part of the course curriculum of the students. Collecting case studies and then researching them is a daunting task. Students face a lot of difficulties in completing a case study. In this scenario, it is advisable to seek case study help for completing the homework on case study from a reliable and established assignment helper.

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A case study helps the student to look into matters closely with a deep understanding and research. Case studies are given to students from different fields. This helps their professors to judge the critical thinking and decision making abilities of a student.

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What Is A Case Study? Know With Our Case Study Homework Help Service

When a particular situation is examined in detail, it is known as a case study. A case study can be a form of storytelling. A case study is a research from the real experiences of people. It tells the issues faced by the customers and the products or services used to solve these issues.

  • Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used in a case study.
  • Case studies are formal researches found in journals, professional conferences, etc. Case studies are generally not a part of popular works.
  • In business and management, a case study has a prominent place.

A case study has four common study approaches:

  1. No theory first- It is connected to methodological work by Kathleen M. Eisenhardt
  2. Gaps and holes- It follows the guidelines of Robert K. Yin and makes assumptions.
  3. The social construction of reality- It represents Robert E. stake's work
  4. Anomalies- Micheal Buravoy is the representative of this approach.

What Are The General Categories Of Case Study?‚   Know With Our Case Study Homework Writers

  1. Illustrative case study- Illustrative case study is descriptive. These case studies aim to make unfamiliar people familiar with the event or experience. To show the existing situation, it uses one or more examples of a situation.
  2. Exploratory case study- This is also known as a pilot case study. It is done before the main large scale investigation. It is designed to identify different questions and select different types of measurements.
  3. Cumulative case study- In a cumulative case study, several sites are investigated to collect information. It is done at different times. These case studies are done to gather past information without additional costs.
  4. Critical instance case studies- When one or more situations are investigated for generalizing a single occurrence, it is known as critical instance case study. For answering the cause and effect question, this method is very useful.

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There are three types of case studies in public-relation research

  1. Process-oriented
  2. Linear
  3. Grounded

Discuss Seven Case Selection Strategies Given By John GerringAnd Jason

  1. Typical case- It looks within the case and does not compare with other cases.
  2. Diverse case- X and Y variables have relevant variations. These cases represent the full population.
  3. Extreme case- X and Y variables are extremely relevant to other cases
  4. Deviant case- This case disobeys the existing theories.
  5. Influential case- Create influence on central model or theory
  6. Most familiar case- All independent variables are similar.
  7. Most different cases- All independent variables are different.

Tips To Write An Impressive Case Study - Know With The Case Study Homework Help Service

  1. Be realistic- The goals of your case study should be realistic. True, that the case studies are written to attract customers, but the case study should not lose its main purpose. The main purpose of acase study is to bring out the real experiences of the people. Include realistic numbers and data in your case study to make it more impactful.
  2. Think of a gripping angle for your case study- The person reading your case study will need an engrossing content. Think for something that will encourage the reader to read the whole of your content. There can be various angles of a single content. Figure out which angle will suit the best for your case study.
  3. Make it relatable- Case studies are based on real experiences. People can have a different experience. Write something that all the readers will relate to. Frame your case study in a manner that all the prospect reader relates to it. Write about something or someone your ideal customer will relate to.
  4. Use classic narration- Case study is a type of story narration. Use the classic narrative to write your case study. Tell the story from start to finish. Start by introducing your protagonist, that is the customer, and move forward with the problems and solutions. Keep the case study simple and precise. Don't add unnecessary information that might bore the reader.
  5. Talk about strategies- Case study is not exactly a press release, but it does some marketing of the product and services. Talk about the strategies specifically and mention them.
  6. Give readable formats- The format of your case study should be simple and engaging. There are all types of readers. Write a case study that can be easily read by everyone.
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