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Chemistry is a subject that evolves with time, thus keeping the knowledge and assignment up to date becomes a difficult task to do. This is when students like you should take up Homework Help from Sample Assignment.

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What is Inorganic Chemistry?

Chemistry is said to be the study of substances that hold composed matter. Being a heavily experimental subject, one can also study the reduction f you mix various substances. As per the long years of research and study, there are said to be a hundred elements that together make up a matter. This matter is considered of our world and universe.

As defined by the Inorganic Chemistry Homework writers, Inorganic Chemistry refers to the study of compounds which are free from the carbon-hydrogen atoms. With one lakh inorganic compounds in the world today, the professionals study the behaviour of such compounds along with their characteristics and properties.

inorganic chemistry homework help

To give a more precise understanding of the subject topic, one can understand it through the periodic period. All the elements other than Carbon and Hydrogen in the periodic table are part of Inorganic chemistry. Some of the most important elements which are used structurally and electrically are:

  1. Titanium
  2. Iron
  3. Nickel
  4. Copper

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While you think of taking up help with Inorganic Chemistry Homework, let us talk about the application if Inorganic Chemistry. It is said to find its highest number of applications in a variety of fields such as engineering and biology. It is applied in various other fields such as:

  1. The field of medicine and healthcare uses the study and research of Inorganic chemistry.
  2. The use of common salt in our daily lives is also part of Inorganic chemistry.
  3. Baking soda used in cakes and other baking stuff is also one of the highest application of inorganic chemistry.
  4. Inorganic chemistry is also applied in electrical circuits, especially as silicon in computers.

What Are The Kinds Of Classification In Inorganic Chemistry?

The various types of organic compounds talked about and classified under Inorganic Chemistry are:

  1. Acids are the compounds that are known to be dissolved in water. They generate Hydrogen ions, also known as H+ ions. Hydrochloride acids, sulphuric acids, vinegar, etc are some common examples of acids.
  2. Bases are the substances that are known to produce Hydroxyl ions once kept on water. Potassium Hydrogen, Calcium Hydroxide, Ammonia, Sodium Hydroxide, etc are some examples of bases.
  3. Salts are the substances that are obtained through the reaction between an acid and a base. One of the common examples of Salt is Table Salts, also known as Sodium Hydroxide.
  4. Oxides are compounds that consist of only one oxygen atom.

Reactions An Examples Of Inorganic Compounds

If you are sick of degrading grades each semester, reach out to Sample Assignment for Chemistry Assignment Help. While you still think of choosing us, let us all talk about the four types of chemical reactions of Inorganic Chemistry:

  1. Combination Reaction

As the name suggests there are two or more substances that combine to create a product. For example- barium + F2 = BaF2

  1. Decomposition Reaction

It is a type of reaction under which a single element is torn apart or decomposed into two separate elements or products.0020 FeS = Fe + S

  1. Single Displacement Reaction

Under these types of reactions, a single atom is replaced with another atom. This reaction is performed with two different atoms. Zn (s) + CuSO4 (aq) → Cu (s) + ZnSO4 (aq)

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inorganic chemistry homework

inorganic chemistry

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