Step By Step Guide For Students To Write A Powerful Narrative Essay

Are you an English Literature major or an English Language degree student? Is this that time of your course when you have to write different essays, and you are stuck with your narrative essay? Do not worry. We will handle this situation for you with great care. A student can be struggling with a narrative essay for a variety of reasons. Often students pick up internships or part-time jobs to meet their expenses.

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Sometimes, students have these subjects as elective subjects and not as their core subjects. Consequently, they tend to focus more on their main subjects and fail to strengthen their narrative essay writing skills. Lack of time management, lack of access to credible sources, and improper guidance can be reasons students usually turn to narrative essay writing services.

What Is The Narrative Essay Definition?

A narrative essay is defined as a story or account of experiences, events, or pieces on similar lines, whether true or fictitious in nature. A narrative essay constitutes three significant elements; character, theme, and dialogue.


You cannot write a narrative essay without characters. A lot of students assume only human beings are characters. On the contrary, anything that you give life to, using your words, will become a character. In autobiographical essays, the person writing the essay will be considered as a character. These characters act, behave and lead the story in the desired direction.


A narrative essay necessarily has a particular theme to it. The thesis statement presents the theme of the essay. It breaks down the theme into distinct parts. Characters in a story set the tone and work according to this theme.


Characters and themes have no relevance without dialogues. It is used to capture the conversation between characters. Students use dialogue to make the characters lively.

All of these three elements are interdependent and have to be used carefully.

Structure Of The Narrative Essay

In order to write a high-scoring essay, students must know the structure of the same. Here is a typical structure of a narrative essay:

  1. Introduction. Use this part to introduce the topic slightly, build the context and help the audience to warm up.
  2. Main Body. Support your argument with solid evidence and research. It will help build credibility and will also make the storyline even more enjoyable.
  3. Conclusion. Sum up the main points and build on the conclusion. Do not add any irrelevant detail to the conclusion. Even an open-ended conclusion is called a reasonable conclusion, provided you have revisited the essential parts of the introduction and main body.
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Common Topics For A Narrative Essay

Often professors let students pick a topic for their narrative essays, and here is a list of some common topics which can get you started:

  1. A memorable stranger
  2. Starting a new career
  3. The day I started Cooking
  4. A dangerous experience
  5. The times of adventure
  6. Funny episodes
  7. A time when you got lost
  8. A watersport experience
  9. Your inspiration
  10. Things that influenced your childhood

How To Write A Narrative Essay?

We being the leading narrative essay help provider, have framed a few guidelines to write a narrative essay:

  1. Choose a relevant topic. Make sure it aligns with your evaluation rubrics.
  2. Initiate making your draft. Make an outline story. Start writing some words and sentences to join later or polish to make the final draft.
  3. Add elements. The elements mentioned above are the crux of a narrative essay, and you have to make sure that you add characters, plot, dialogue, etc.
  4. Figure out the point of view of your essay. Are you writing as your own experience or a friend’s experience, or someone else altogether? The subtle nitty-gritty will change depending on the perspective.
  5. Add evidence. Just like any other academic essay, students must add supporting sentences for their viewpoints.
  6. Avoid unnecessary details. Do not talk about the blue colour of the sky if it doesn’t advance your story or add value to it. Often students add irrelevant information to fulfil word count.
  7. Write clearly. Do you often get distracted while talking to people? Do not let this personality trait hamper your narrative essay. Stick to the point.
  8. Describe chronologically. It is always a better idea to put things in chronological order.
  9. Proofread it carefully. Check your material for any grammatical errors and proofread it.
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A Recent Sample Solution Of A Narrative Essay

Here is a recently accepted Narrative essay assignment by our experts. The student had to choose his/her topic for narrative and write an essay on the same, adhering to the university guidelines. Our experts helped the students by composing an essay on dependence on fossil fuels.

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