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Know The Plants Better With Our Phytogeography Homework Help In The USA

Phytogeography derives its etymology from the Greek words phyton, meaning plant and geographic, meaning geography. It is the scientific subdiscipline of biogeography and deals in the study of plants and the geographies they are spread over and the relationship of the environmental conditions impacting the plants and the plants affecting the earth’s surface. It is a rather multidisciplinary field that encompasses the study of plants, soil, geographies, climate and weather, etc.

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Wondering as if botany wasn’t enough that phytogeography is here to add to your academic load? Or are you already worrying about your phytogeography assignment that you’re yet to do? Don’t worry! Our expert team is here for your rescue! You can rely on our phytogeography homework help in the USA, to complete all your assignments and ace your exam as well!

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Some Concepts To Know Before Attempting Your Assignment - Shared By Our Phytogeography Homework Helpers

Theory Of Tolerance

Victor Ernest Shelford first proposed the theory in 1911. Shelford’s law of tolerance states that an organism’s success is dependent on a complex set of conditions, and each organism has its own unique requirements for it to thrive. For instance, the phytogeography experts point to the concept of minimum, maximum and optimum environmental factors (climatic, topographic, biological requirements) are some key deciding variables that determine its success in terms of living and reproducing to produce more organisms.

Ronald Good further elaborated this theory and stated that:

  • Every species can exist and reproduce successfully only within a definite range of environmental conditions.
  • Thus, a species can occupy only those areas where the external conditions are within the range of tolerance.

Tolerance ranges are not necessarily fixed. Our phytogeography homework helpers suggest that the optimum range may differ even for different processes within the same organism, let alone for different organisms of the same species. They can change with respect to:

  1. Seasonal change
  2. Environmental change
  3. Life cycles of different organisms


It is the ecological state wherein a taxon is restricted in geographical distribution to a specified area or region. The two main types of endemism are Neoendemism and Paleoendemism. There is a third intermediate type of endemism, which is called Holoendemic. Our subject matter experts who provide phytogeography homework help explain each of these online briefly for your ease of understanding.

Neoendemism: A species that has originated recently, i.e. evolutionarily young, has not yet been able to spread to other areas. Favagar and Contandriopoulis differentiated three types of Neoendemics. They are:

  1. Schizo Endemics: Derived from or have given rise to a more widespread taxon of the same chromosome number.
  2. Patroendemics: Restricted diploids which have given rise to widespread polyploids
  3. Apo Endemics: Restricted polyploids which have arisen from widespread diploids.

Paleoendemism: An ancient species which used to be widely distributed over relatively larger geography in the past but is now restricted to a rather small distribution due to climatic changes and/or human influences. Phytography homework helpers also affirm that palaeoendemics may sometimes resurface after some time, owing to the ever-changing local conditions, evolving new endemics after a long period of range contraction. Such endemics are known as active epibiotic species.

Holoendemics: Intermediate endemics (between neo-endemics and paleo-endemics). These are neither very young nor very old.

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