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Things You Need to Know Before Attempting Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Assignment

The Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Assignment is based on a condition that is established in a thermodynamic process. It is in which the speed of the molecules that pass from the liquid phase to the vapor phase becomes equal to the speed of the molecules of the vapor phase that become liquid phase. In the design of separation equipment, it is necessary to have a liquid-vapor equilibrium database, equilibrium diagrams, and phase diagrams, which are achieved through experimentation on equipment called an ebullometer, but these results can be predicted using the UNIFAC. With this method, the activity coefficient of the mixture is predicted, which is a correction factor for non-ideality that is incorporated into Raoult's equation.

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The equilibrium between phases has been studied and modeled in ternary and multicomponent systems that include components present in wine distillation processes. In wine distillation processes, a large number of substances present in the mixture to be distilled (must) and the very low concentrations of most of the components (other than alcohol and water, and called congeners) make modeling difficult of these systems. Therefore, the correlation and prediction of the composition and concentration of the distillate (which is the variable of greatest interest). And which corresponds to the equilibrium concentration is complex and requires some experimental data.

The mixtures studied include ethanol and water as major components and several congeners, such as n-propanol, n-butanol, and isobutanol, for which equilibrium data are available in the literature. The use of the PSRK equation of state and the classic models for the liquid phase (NRTL, WILSON, UNIQUAC, and UNIFAC) is considered, and the results of the models are compared with data from the literature. Finally, it concludes on the goodness and accuracy of the models treated, recommending the most appropriate for these situations.

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