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Vine physiology describes the function and physiology of plants. It is a sub-discipline of botany that primarily describes important processes such as respiration, stable movements, hormone functions, nutrition, photosynthesis, tropism, parthenogenesis, phototropism, and circadian rhythm. It also deals with seed germination, physiology of environmental stresses, and resting conditions. This substance is closely related to areas such as plant morphology, plant ecology, biology, genetics, molecular biology, and plant physiology. To understand the lifestyle of a plant, it is important to have expertise and practice that is why this subject is introduced in colleges.

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Physiology is a word of Greek origin (Physic = nature - logos = treatise, study). Vine Physiology is the science that studies the vital phenomena of living plant organisms. Its objective is to familiarize us with their lives and with the processes that occur within them, so that we can alter their course according to our wishes, direct their lives and obtain from them the greatest possible quantity of products necessary for humanity. The study of plants can be approached from different points of view and this has originated a series of branches of Botany such as Anatomy, Morphology, Genetics, Pathology, and naturally Physiology. We have to set limits to all these branches of Botany, with which we will try to determine their study area; however, this is not an easy task, since the division of any science into several parts is still an artifice introduced by the limitations of the human mind, which mean that it can only cover certain aspects of what constitutes an indivisible whole, in our case, the green plant.

Vine Physiology encompasses the study of some processes that take place in plants, mainly from a functional point of view, although for the reasons stated above the structural study of the places where these processes are carried out should not be discarded. We could approximate another definition by saying that it is the part of botany that studies the WHY and HOW of phenomena, in our case of plant phenomena e.g. 1. Why do the stems grow upwards, because the root grows downwards? 2. How do plants take in CO2 and H2O? 3. How does water enter and move? 4. How do solutes do it? 6. How do environmental conditions influence development? Etc.

Our help with the Vine Physiology assignment tries to answer all these questions. The mechanisms of how organic solutes are transferred are studied, studying how energy is used and its transformation, how the various structures originate and how they work. Growth, differentiation, and development.

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