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Concept Of Voice Thread

Voice Thread is used to upload documents to the network to which you can add text, audio, or video comments. We will outline some of its characteristics as well as ideas for its use in the classroom:

This tool is used to host text documents, presentations, images, videos.

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Documents can be uploaded from various sources: the computer, the network, photos, or videos recorded live from the webcam.

Different types of documents can be combined to make a single, broader one: combine a text document with a photo that is uploaded from the network and with a video that is recorded at the moment.

Once a document is finished, comments can be added in the form of text, audio, or video.

The application allows you to record video and audio online as well as take photographs, so we do not need any intermediate step to generate multimedia.

Each "voice" (this can be the name of the digital documents that are created with the application) can be public or private, it can be embedded, and it can be shared with other users of the system. The application has a special register for individual teachers or centers.

This would be the appearance of a "document" created with any application in which a video and comments about it appear:

  • As a didactic utility, a voice can be the final result of the following tasks or work projects:
  • Make an anthology of poetry or stories that are collected in a single document with audio or video presentations made by the students of the poems or stories that each one has chosen.
  • Starting from a current topic, carry out work on argumentative texts that ends with the creation of different opinion texts as "letters to the editor" embodied in text, audio, or video.
  • Present a text review task or activity to students and collect their responses in writing, orally, or audiovisual.
  • Prepare a multimedia document (tourist guide type) of the locality to share it with students from other centers and collect their textual, oral, or audiovisual comments in the same medium.
  • Create a multimedia work material for class (educational digital object) combining resources of different types (text, audio, video ...) and collect the students' productions in the same medium.
  • Make a project in the style of Raymond Queneau's "Exercises in style" and from a single text make variations of style in different codes: written, oral, audiovisual.
  • In the digital world, the purposes and uses are more important than the tools themselves, so we are convinced that you will find different uses for this powerful tool.
  • Build and share dynamic discussions around documents, diagrams, pictures, and videos - basically, everything that to talk about. Can speak, write and draw directly on the screen.

Voice Thread takes your talks to the next level, catching your presence, not just your comments. Anyone can join the discussion - anytime, anytime place.

1) What can be done with Voice Thread: -

  • Record voice
  • Leave a written comment
  • Put a video
  • Paint over the image
  • Embed it as part of the audiovisual material of a website
  • Moderate
  • Personalize with an avatar

2) The ability to share: - Each of the people who participate in a "project" can collaborate using one or more of the above tools. The "conversation" is asynchronous, that is, it is not done at the same time.

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3) Safety: - The tool allows you to create closed groups to have discussions. This is particularly important in the case of underage students. It can be used in almost all cases. You don't want them to "dive deep into the conversation"

These three things seemed interesting to me. Also, the fact that it is an asynchronous tool unlike Hangouts or applications like Skype is that it allows you to add information over time.

Here are some ideas for using the tool:

  • Debates: As in the Eracism project
  • Discussed albums: As in this example
  • Art critic: Like in this other example
  • Collaborative presentations.

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