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What Is Web Application Development?

Well, to hold a well-defined definition of Web Application Development, one should interact with the Web Application Development Assignment writers. Web Applications Development refers to the process that involves building on web applications. It is said to be a more focused kind of development that the standard engineering process. Most of its cases involve the following:

  1. Defining the problem
  2. Mocking up situation
  3. User engagement
  4. Framework adoption or deciding on the tool
  5. Building and testing the application
web application development assignment help

For those who are not yet familiar with the concept of a web application - is a set of a computer program which is interactive and built with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc. it also stores data and later manipulates the same. Now you must hold a query- what is the difference between a web application and a website? Read further to learn more:

web application development assignment help

What Is The Process Followed For Web Applications Development?

While there are various processes to build a single application, learn a summarised form of the same with us and our team of scholars who are trained to provide help with Web Application Development Assignment.

Step 1 - Defining the Problem or Sourcing an Idea

Before starting the work on designing your very own web application, one must answer a simple question- what are the problems that the people face and if that problem can be solved by a web application or not? Being the toughest part of coming up with the idea that you wish to work on! Ask yourself some simple questions to come up with that idea easily:

  1. The time you have to build the application
  2. What are your areas of interest?
  3. What kinds of applications do you enjoy using?
  4. What is the best feature of those applications?
  5. How much time and money will you be able to generate as a user?
  6. How will your life be improved?

Step 2 - Market Research

Once we have chosen upon the idea, it is time to do some ground research. We must be aware of two very important things:

  1. If a market exists for our idea or not?
  2. If there are competitions in that market or not?

If a similar idea or product is not available or even if a market does not exists; the ball is definitely in your court. But we also need to understand that there might be someone who had a similar venture but reached down a dead end.

And, if a similar product does exist, that means the market is open to your idea. You have a groundwork laid before by your competitors; with all the statistics; you just need to swoop in with a better application and solution to the same problem.

Step 3 - Define The Functionality Of Your Web Application

As a web application developer, you would want to add all the features that make your application the only choice for your target audience. But that is one big mistake. The more features you add, the more time you will take to build one. This would only lead to frustration and affect your work.

As per the professionals who provide Web Application Development Assignment help in Australia; app development should be a fun task to do. Till the time it is fun and interesting, it will come out to be the best. Make sure to define the features and functionality that solve your decided problem in Step 1. Some of the basic features are:

  1. Creating account
  2. Retrieving lost password
  3. Changing password
  4. Creating new contact
  5. Writing notes
  6. Label contacts
  7. Filter contacts

Step 4 - Sketch You Web Application And Plan Your Workflow

Once the features are decided, coders must sketch out how they wish their application to look. This may include navigation, branding, buttons, forms, etc. once a rough sketch is ready, it would be easy for you to communicate and experiment. Try and sleep it with a simple design.

Once the sketch is ready you must plan your workflow. It should usually go in the following order:

  1. User signup
  2. Receiving a verification mail
  3. User login
  4. User change of password
  5. Navigation through the application
  6. Changing of the user setting
  7. Payment method
  8. Subscription cancellation
web application development assignment help web application development assignment help

Step 5 - Prototyping of the Web Application

Prototyping is a process through which one can design a blueprint of the application along with adding an interactive display. It makes sure that your product has easy access to validation.

Step 6 - try and Seek Validation

As soon as the Prototyping is done, you are set to showcase your product to the world. This will also help you to get feedback and make the required changes if any. This is the time when you need to be all set with your Sales pitch

Once this step is over, you are all set to build your very own Web Application! ALL THE BEST!

Step 7 - It Is Finally Time To Start Coding

This is the moment you have been waiting for! After all the definite and required struggle it is your time! Start building your web application. Go ahead with:

  1. Database
  2. Frontend
  3. Backend

These are the three main building blocks of your web application. Once it is done, test your application. This is considered to be an ongoing process that takes place during and after the coding is completed. There are two ways to go forward with the testing - Automated and manual. To host and deploy your application, you would need a server or a domain.

As the steps end here, you are supposed to give a grand launch to your application and endure that it reaches the maximum target audience. While you get stuck with all the above-mentioned steps; the following assignment is still there to accelerate your burden:

web application development assignment help

web application development assignment sample

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