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This unit outlines the abilities and information necessary to create electronic advertisements for use in marketing communications via the internet, mobile devices, and other digital media, as well as to assess how well they perform in terms of attaining marketing goals.

This unit is important in the completion of Certificate IV of Marketing and Communication. You will gain knowledge and abilities in the following study areas as a result of the wide range of topics you will study that are relevant to the marketing and communications industry:

  • Profiling of the target audience and consumer insight
  • Acquiring and organising media
  • Software and apps for digital media
  • Compose messages that are imaginative and effective
  • Making presentations and creating marketing materials
  • Video production and website promotion.

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BSBMKG442 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning outcomes of Studying the BSBMKG442 unit?

You can use the valuable skills you gain in this certificate course to start your own business or to prepare yourself for careers in the marketing, communications, and advertising fields. You will be able to pursue a career in industry, government, or non-government sectors, as well as grow your current enterprise with a comprehensive understanding of the marketing and communications industry.

  • Determine the organisational, legal, and ethical frameworks that are relevant to the job needs
  • Determine current electronic advertising strategies in accordance with work requirements.
  • Choosing electronic advertising media in accordance with an organisation's e-marketing strategy
  • E-marketing platforms should be used for advertising based on the task at hand and organisational policy.
  • Utilise the e-marketing platform in accordance with the e-marketing objectives.
  • Verify that e-marketing complies with all job requirements.
  • Before final approval, present the management with an electronic advertisement on an e-marketing platform.
  • Observe the transmission of electronic ads and correct any mistakes or omissions
  • Analyse the success of e-marketing campaigns and record the results in accordance with organisational criteria.
  • Prepare to make e-marketing enhancements.
BSBMKG442 assessment answers

List of Foundational skills that facilitate higher success and understanding in this BSBMKG442 unit

Students can also avail our BSBMKG442 assignment sample online in order to grab the skills to facilitate this unit. Here are the list of the skills given below:

  • Interpret textual data from various sources and decide how to apply the information to people and organisational needs.
  • Integrate data from several sources to create content that supports the goals and format of the documentation using appropriate grammatical construction and logical, clear language.
  • Use approaches suited to the audience and situation to effectively and creatively express ideas and requirements.
  • Bring out others' views and opinions by listening and probing
  • Abide by organisation rules and regulations and consider how their actions fit the overall work environment's objectives.
  • Accept accountability for the results of regular decisions that are closely tied to one's job.
  • Create strategies for managing tasks while considering their potential impact on long-term operational and strategic objectives
  • Recognise and specifically employs some fundamental analytical and lateral thinking principles.
  • Identify problems in well-known work environments, some of which are less predictable, and take charge of fixing them.
  • Identify the main goals, precise functions, and essential characteristics of typical digital systems and tools and uses them to carry out tasks successfully.
BSBMKG442 Assessment Answers

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