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ICTPRG554 is one of the most prominent units of study demonstrating the management of data persistence using NoSQL data stores. Many related tasks are involved in data management. A database management system (DBMS), a piece of software that establishes a connection between the databases it manages and the data engineers, end-users, and applications that access them, is the main technology used to deploy and manage databases. Students like this study unit but face many issues while drafting ICTPRG554 assessment answers. In such situations, they need someone who can provide them with the best ICTPRG554 assignment sample online so that they will achieve excellent academic grades.

ICTPRG554 assessment answers

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Diploma in Information Technology?

A phrase refers to all technological tools used to produce, store, exchange, and use information in different forms, including business data, communications, still photographs, motion pictures, and multimedia presentations. Several benefits are there of pursuing a diploma in information technology. Some of them are listed below.

  • Additionally, a profession in information technology has financial advantages.
  • Since the course is brief, you will save time, which is crucial for achieving your work goals. You may build a prosperous career and make a tons of money in this sector.
  • One of the many benefits that IT professionals could enjoy is the chance to travel. You can work remotely for businesses worldwide with computer-based occupations like an IT repair engineer, content marketing manager, or SEO content writer and enjoy the independence of flexible working.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the ICTPRG554 Unit?

In order to provide autonomous scaling, high performance, and availability over moderate data, a data store must be implemented and managed using a non-structured query language (NoSQL). This subject outlines the understanding and abilities needed to do so. The course applies to those who manage "Information and communications technology" in small- to large-sized businesses and are senior computer programmers, senior back-end developers, or full stack developers (SMEs). There are many learning outcomes of this unit which are as follows.

  • Verify NoSQL application and usage based on business requirements and demands. Conduct research, contrast horizontal and vertical scaling, and verify the applicability and value of horizontal scaling in light of business requirements.
  • Examine and contrast typical relational data models and NoSQL technologies. Examine noSQL vendor technologies, review them, and choose the best ones for your needs.
  • According to the chosen vendor's technology and the business's needs, design and determine the NoSQL data store's data storage requirements. Examine and choose the necessary NoSQL data store types following the organization.
  • Create a partition key and choose where to store the data objects. Examine, identify the necessary partition key, and make sure that storage is distributed evenly among partitions.
  • Determine and choose the necessary sort key based on the needs of the business. Determine, calculate, and configure read and write speeds following business needs. Select, set up, and produce indexes to enhance data retrieval queries
  • Choose and produce extra indexes. Optimize index data queries and retrievals in accordance with business needs. Establish time-to-live (TTL) settings for data objects following business needs.
  • Establish a NoSQL data store instance and link the API client to it. Using the chosen client application, insert a single data element into a NoSQL datastore. Combine several objects into one operation.
  • Use a query to choose just one object. Employ batch retrieval and multiple object queries. Execute a search against the index. Run a query to choose the necessary attributes and project outcomes.

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ICTPRG554 Assessment Answers

List of Universities and Colleges that Offer Short-term Courses in Information Technology:

Many universities and colleges offer numerous short-term courses in information technology. Australia is known for its higher education, and information technology is one of them. Some of the colleges are listed below.

  1. TasTAFE - Diploma in Information Technology
  2. Intech Institute of Technology Advanced Diploma in Technology
  3. Griffith College - Diploma in Information Technology
  4. NIT Australia - Diploma in Information Technology
  5. Melbourne Polytechnic Diploma in Information Technology

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ICTPRG554 assessment answers

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The simplest definition of information technology is the widespread application of technology to organizational or business challenges.

The majority of specialists claim that there is no distinction between CS and IT. The only difference is that major universities teach CS as an engineering-level course.

Yes, we do have experts for various levels. The specialists' degrees are mainly divided into three groups: master's, PhD, and student.

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