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Law of negligence is important to study for all the law students. You come across various, rules, and regulations while studying law and understanding them all is very essential. Universities have also started giving a high weightage to the assignments on the law of negligence whose completion creates unnecessary pressure on the students mind. The one and the only way to complete these assignments with ease and on time is by taking the law of negligence assignment help from the experts.

law of negligence assignment help

Sample Assignment provides the best law of negligence assignment writing service. With the end number of concepts, it becomes almost impossible for you to complete the assignment on law of negligence without proper guidance. There is plenty of reading, research and writing involved in making a perfect law assignment.

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Before getting the law of negligence assignment solutions with us, lets focus more on the subject.

What is the law of negligence? Know With Law Of Negligence Assignment Experts

In law, negligence refers to the failure of meeting a standard behaviour established to protect society from risks. The concept of law of negligence is that the use of actions with care.

There is a five-part model to assess the law of negligence, this includes; duty, breach, actual cause, proximate cause, and damages.

The person who suffers due to the negligence of another person can sue for damages caused and get compensation.

Elements of negligence claims

Elements of negligence are established norms for anyone who wants to sue in negligence. These elements are:

  • Duty of care- In simple terms duty of care means to ensure the well-being of another person. Duty of care is a moral or a legal obligation. It is a legal responsibility of the people to avoid any harm to others. Some factors of duty of care are-
  1. the anticipated harm to the injured party,
  2. the suffering of the injured party,
  3. the availability of insurance,
  4. the relationship between defendant and plaintiff,

When the defender fails to fulfil a responsibility for the plaintiff he is obliged by the legal liability. The first step to determine the existence of recognized legality is the duty of care.

  • Breach of duty- When it is confirmed that the defendant had an obligation on the plaintiff, it is a breach of contract. It is important to settle the breach of contract between the defendant and the plaintiff. When the defendant consciously puts the risk on the plaintiff, it is a breach of duty. The test is both subjective and objective. The test may depend on the situation or case.
  • Damages- Damages are monetary compensation to the loss. After the establishment of a breach of contract, the only requirement is compensation.
law of negligence assignment help

What Are The Types Of Damages Covered Under Negligence Of Duty?

  • Special damages- Special damages the plaintiff regarding the suffering of monetary losses. For example- repair or replacement of damaged property, extra costs occurred, additional domestic costs, etc.
  • General damages- These damages are not quantified in monetary terms. The court may award nominal charges to the plaintiff. Example of general damage is loss or suffering of pain due to car collision
  • Punitive damages- Under punitive damages, the defendant is punished rather than asked for monetary compensation. Punitive damages are also known as non-compensatory damages.

Understand Defence Mechanism For The Defendant With Law Of Negligence Assignment Help Service

While the plaintiff is given the elements to sue for negligence, there is also a defence available for the defendant.

  • Contributory negligence by the plaintiff- The plaintiff cannot sue the defendant if the immediate damage is due to negligence of the plaintiff. If the following points are proved then the plaintiff is not entitled to any compensation. These points are:
  1. If ordinary care by the plaintiff could have avoided the consequences that occurred due to the negligence of the defendant.
  2. The consequences could not have been avoided by the defendant under the plaintiffs negligence.
  • Act of god- Act of god is unforeseen. Under these situations plaintiff can not sue the defendant for compensation. The act of god can be storms, tsunamis, any natural calamity, etc.
  • Inevitable accident- Inevitable accident means physically unavoidable accidents. The amount of care, skill, or caution could prevent the accident.
law of negligence assignment help law of negligence assignment help

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law of negligence assignment help

law of negligence assignment help

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